• What time the entrance gate will be open?

We will be open on 15.00 WIB

  • What time with the event ends?

Will end on 01.00 WIB

  • What can we expect, coming to this event?

Good music which bring you to nostalgic! You can find food & drinks, fashion and interesting activities inside the festival where you can find when you were on highschool!

  • Will you post the rundown before D-day?

Yes, a month before the day of the festival. They will also be available on our social media accounts. Follow our official Instagram account here.

  • The following items are prohibited

List of prohibited items will be released a month before the day of the festival

  • If I exit the event, can I come back in?

Yes, you may re-enter the festival area as long as you enter on the right gate. We try to provided all audience needs inside the venue. So, who would go out from the festival??

  • Any food & beverage outlets in event area? Am I allowed to bring food & drinks from outside?

Nope, you can't bring food inside the festival area. But you can indulge yourself in a nostalgic culinary experience at our food area where all of amazing food vendor are ready to serve you all day and night!


  • What will I receive from General Admission ticket?

Either GA or VIP will get you to enter the festival and experience the most greatest nostalgic festival. But VIP will have more facilities and special treatments in the VIP Area with its own bar and toilet. You even get your own viewing area right in front of the stages apart from having your own VIP Area.

  • How much is the ticket price?

Check out the latest ticket prices of the festival here

  • Where can I buy the ticket

You can buy tickets via online here or offline through our official ticket box partners. Click here to view a list of our official ticket box partners

  • How many tickets can we buy?

You can buy maximum of 7 tickets can be purchased under one name per transaction

  • Can I buy ticket on the spot?

Yes you do! You will get the mandatory dresscode handed to you too if you buy it on d-day.

  • Will I get the physical ticket right after the purchase?

Yes and No. Yes if you buy it on d-day. No if you buy via online before d-day, you will receive an e-voucher that must be exchanged with a wristband on the venue.

  • What is the difference between General Admission Presale and General Admission Early Entry tickets?

GA Early Entry ticket holders must enter the venue before 3 PM Jakarta time. In a case that a GA Early Entry ticket holder fails to do so, they will have to pay the full amount of a GA Normal ticket by doing a top up at our help desk in order to attend the festival. GA Presale ticket holders can enter the venue anytime


  • What is the dresscode to this event? What should I wear?

We provide you cool uniform as starter pack! And since we give it a month and half before concert, you can design your uniform that represent your highschool style. Just pick 'with uniform' category to get our starter pack. But you can wear anything you like id you picked 'without uniform' category.

  • Where to get the starter kit for this event?

Stay tuned on our website to get your ready-to-customize pack!

  • How can I get the proper size for my starter kit to this festival?

Fill the forms in our ticket services partner (click here for the information)

  • Is the dresscode compulsory to wear?

No, you can choose to wear our starter pack or wear anything you like.

  • Do I have to modify my uniform?

It's not necesary but yeah, you should!

  • Can I wear my own school uniform?

Yes you can


  • Requirements to exchange my e-voucher

Show your e-voucher at our booth, you can use printed voucher or smartphone

  • Which is a valid entry ticket? E-voucher or wristband?


  • When and where e-voucher can be exchanged?

E-voucher can be exchanged from D-3 at official Loket booth that will be announced on our social media.

  • What time does the e-voucher exchange starts?

Detail information about e-voucher exchange will be announced on our social media.


  • Is this event for all-age?

This event is for above 17 years old.


  • How to participate on this event?

Please send your participation request to soundscape@idntimes.com and lia@idntimes.com


  • I'm a journalist. How to receive a media pass to attend this festival?

You can get the Media ID at our Media Center on event, by showing your pers ID

  • Do I have to sign up in advanced to receive a media ID?

Yes, because we have limited amount of ID pass

  • How many ID can 1 media receive?

For media partners, you will receive 3 ID pass. Other media who have registered, will receive a maximum of 2 ID pass

  • I'm a journalist from Media A, I just found out about this event and I did not have enough time to register, may I still take part of this event?

Yes, but you will only receive 1 ID pass

  • Will the media crew have to wear uniform?

Media who will be covering IDN Soundscape will have to use your own company's uniform. You may also use your own high school uniform.

  • Will I be able to take exclusive pictures of the artists who will be playing at IDN Soundscape?

Yes, exclusive pictures will be prepared by PR team of IDN Media, and you may copy the files at our media center.

  • I am registered as one of IDN Soundscape's media partner. Will I be able to get exclusive interview?

Media is allowed to interview the artits, as long as the artist gives their permission. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that all artist will want to be interviewed.

  • Are we supposed to exchange the starter kit in FX?


  • I did not follow the dress code, do I have to buy on the spot?


  • My media is TV. Are we allowed to record the artists' performances?

You may take some footage, but not more than 10 minutes performance.